How to ensure the safety on the sea Apr 19, 2021

What we learned from “EVER GIVEN" container ship

The 12-day blockade of the Suez Canal is officially over.

Egypt's Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said that all 422 ships stranded at both ends of the canal passed through the Suez Canal Monday.
The Changci ran aground in the Suez Canal on March 23, but was freed on March 29 after multiple efforts. The overall incident disrupted global shipping for up to 12 days, taking into account the evacuation time of blocked vessels. Allianz, the German insurance giant, estimates that the canal blockages could cost global trade between $6 billion and $10 billion a week due to delays in cargo deliveries and other factors.
With the rescue of Changci, the investigation was officially launched on March 31. The Suez Canal Authority had previously conducted an initial inspection of the ship and found no technical problems with the ship. SCA President Sama Rabie said that "the Long Ci will not be allowed to leave the Suez Canal until the investigation into the incident is completed".
In terms of liability, the Wall Street Journal reported that under the terms of the charter, the responsibility for the accident in the Suez Canal lies with the ship's owner, Japan's Masei Steamboat.
Shoei said the cost of the rescue operation would be covered by hull Insurance, which is insured by MS&AD Insurance Group, a Tokyo-based insurer. Other claims will be covered by P&I insurance. The owner of the "Changsi" has been insured by UK P&I Club, a member of the P&I Club International.
Egypt has said it may seek compensation from the Japanese shipowners. According to Rabie, the Canal Authority lost $12m-15m a day during the period when the Suez Canal was closed, which adds up to $72m - $90m over six days.

We can't predict the weather,but we can take some active actions to reduce the hazards of working at sea.The SOLAS Marine reflective tapes are nessary for each ships,protect yourselves warning others.

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